For more than twenty years, Benachi House & Gardens has been a leading choice of hosts seeking an authentic and creative venue for a reception, rehearsal dinner or party. The distinctly New Orleans look and feel of our historic interiors, our patios and park-like gardens have delighted visitors and locals alike. The shaded, landscaped and appropriately illuminated setting is framed by our Cottage, garden beds, mature palms, oaks and sycamores, fountains and pond, and classic gazebos.

Joyous celebrations are hosted here. Memories and memorable images are made here. They can be yours! The Property is a restored and furnished 19th C. "canvas" to which your creative energy may be readily applied. The combination is sure to treat your friends and family to an enjoyable, uniquely New Orleans experience – one they will remember for years to come.


Beginning at 9:00 AM, we provide the house and grounds for decoration and setup. Choose a four or five-hour window for the event, beginning with the time for which guests are invited. 

Design and implement with the assistance of a planner or on your own.  We require professional caterers or food truck(s).  We have recommendations. We require hired servers for the bar, either through the caterer or separately. Hosts may stock the bars themselves. Our kitchen is always available for the caterer’s use. We provide two refrigerators. For pick-up, cleanup and return of our equipment to storage, caterers and bar servers must remain on the premises through the end of the event.  In events attended by more than 125 guests, two bars are required.  For events with food truck(s) but no caterers, we require use of our clean- up service.

We offer set up, cleanup and “put away” services for additional charges. But to get the desired look for the event and save set up cost, hosts are encouraged to call upon friends and family for assistance. Set up by planners and caterers is an alternative.  If the caterers do not provide cleanup and “put away” as required, our crew will do so.

The music must end and the bar close no later than 10:00 PM.  We don’t usher guests out, but we have found that remaining guests will depart when the bar closes. At that time, many hosts move the party to one of New Orleans’ popular clubs, where the celebration may continue into the wee hours. Keeping a 10:00 PM wrap up time makes events here more manageable and helps our hosts contain their costs.

Entertainment may be provided by a DJ or band; or through our portable sound system, on which you may play your own personal collection.  The system includes an amplifier- mixer, stands for the two speakers and a wireless microphone.  The New Orleans Noise Ordinance sets levels in the neighborhood for sounds originating from our Property.  We monitor the levels and request adjustment if necessary.  Scores of events have occurred here with no sound level issues. We recommend DJs; and bands with up to five members who are cooperative and willing to maintain the volume at a moderate level. We also recommend that the music be placed next to the dancing area.

We provide 115 white wedding chairs and serving and dining tables for about 150 guests. We do not provide linens.  Additional equipment as well as linens, dishes, glassware, and utensils are readily available through your caterer and our equipment providers.

The Cottage is available for overnight stays, and our hosts, their families, and friends often reserve it for the three-night minimum that includes the day of their event.

Our flagstone patios at the rear provide a generous, historic setting and accommodate seated or buffet dining, food service, bars, music, and dancing.

Outdoor Events

Our flagstone patios at the rear provide a generous, historic setting and accommodate seated or buffet dining, food service, bars, music, and dancing. Seafood boils and barbecues have pleased many guests on these grounds. We allow outdoor cooking by the caterer. Tents may be rented and installed as special design elements and/or as a backup plan in the event of rain. Fans and misters may also be rented to add comfort in the warmer months, and heaters in the colder months. The house interiors, with three restrooms, are always included – combined with the primary outdoor setting.

In addition to our patios, some hosts make use of the Beaux Arts pavilion and gallery at the front of the Property. These areas make excellent locations for a welcoming bar or greeting table.


More intimate celebrations may be entirely contained in the house, where there is ample space for dining, food service and bar - with music and dancing on our front gallery. In the formal dining room, the antique dining table and companion pieces may provide the focal point of buffet service for up to sixty (60) guests or an elegant setting for a seated dinner for up to twenty-five (25) guests. For the buffet, up to sixty (60) guests may be seated for dining in the dining room and parlors, where additional dining tables may be set.